Score Commander

Some years ago, I worked on a project, in which Direc­tor was used in a spe­cif­ic way – whole ani­ma­tion scenes were fit­ted and after that the .dir files were used for Bink video files. So, we had to work with big scores – 50 chan­nels, 300–400 frames. This pro­voked a lot of tasks which demand­ed automa­tion. ScoreCom­man­der is a “remas­tered” com­pi­la­tion of all those automat­ing scripts plus some oth­er that were added lat­er on dif­fer­ent occa­sions. I think that some of the func­tions could find a wider appli­ca­tion than the orig­i­nal occa­sions that pro­voked their cre­ation. Oth­ers could prob­a­bly be used as a basis or inspi­ra­tion for writ­ing bet­ter ones. So, what is ScoreCommander? 

ScoreCom­man­der is an easy to use Adobe Direc­tor tool xtra that gives you a num­ber of effi­cient func­tions, which will ease the work process for you. For the sake of con­ve­nience, they are arranged in four pages — Frames, Sprites, Mem­bers and Export. 

The doc­u­men­ta­tion can be seen on here. (It also can be found in the down­load archive, in .chm format.)

The Frames page includes func­tions, which will help you to cre­ate, rename and delete mark­ers; to insert and delete frames; to select frames; to export mark­er lists.
  • Create/Delete Mark­ers
    • Cre­ate a marker
    • Cre­ate mul­ti­ple markers
    • Delete a marker
    • Delete mul­ti­ple markers
    • Export mark­ers
  • Rename mark­ers
  • Select frames
  • Insert/Delete Frames
    • Insert frames
    • Insert spe­cial
    • Delete frames
    • Delete spe­cial

The Sprites page gives you use­ful func­tions, which will ease your work with score selec­tions. They allow you to select sprites by dif­fer­ent indi­ca­tions, to save and manip­u­late selec­tions; to cre­ate, resize and auto­mat­i­cal­ly dis­trib­ute sprites.
  • Select sprites with the same member
  • Find in score
  • Invert selec­tion
  • Select by color
  • Move selec­tion
  • Clear selec­tion
  • Save selec­tion set 
    • Save score selection
    • Save cast selection
    • Save score snapshot
    • Delete items from the selec­tion list
  • Resize sprite
  • Dis­trib­ute sprites
  • Mis­ce­la­neous
    • Mul­ti­ple exchange
    • Find emp­ty sprites
    • Show/Hide chan­nels
    • Code counter
    • Gen­er­ate score

The Mem­bers page is con­nect­ed with cast selec­tions, find­ing cast­mem­bers by dif­fer­ent indi­ca­tions and “opti­miz­ing” the score by the exchange of visu­al­ly iden­ti­cal castmembers.
  • Opti­mize
    • Opti­mize
    • Defringe and crop
  • Find Cast­mem­bers
    • Index cast­mem­bers
    • Find cast­mem­bers
    • Find in cast
  • Select cast­mem­bers
  • Rename cast­mem­bers

The Export page gives you the pos­si­bil­i­ty to com­pose and export cer­tain frames or sequences of frames from Direc­tor, as well as cast­mem­bers or sequences of castmembers.
  • Export Selec­tor
  • Export Frames
  • Alpha­Com­pos­er
  • Store Export­ed In
  • Export Cast­mem­bers
  • In Fold­er

Alpha­Com­pos­er allows you to export the image of stage on a frame or frames as 32-bit images with alpha-chan­nels, which reflects the alpha-chan­nels of sprites’ mem­bers, the sprites’ blend and the effects of the sprites’ trans­parences on each oth­er on the stage. The final RGB+Alpha image can be used on dif­fer­ent back­grounds. To work with this page, you need Sharp­Ex­port xtra.

1.Download and extract “” — it con­tains a fold­er named “Scom­man­der” and a file named “SharpExport.x32”
2.Quit Director
3.Copy the “SharpExport.x32” file into the Xtras fold­er of Director
4.Copy the “Scom­man­der” fold­er into the Xtras fold­er of Director
5.Launch Director
6.From the Xtras menu, choose “SCom­man­der > SCommander”

Score Com­man­der (2206 downloads) 

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