Tween Engine Overview

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This engine is based on Greensock Tweening Platform and adapted to Lingo. The full list of its methods can be found at the end of this article. In short – with the help of this engine you can easily and quickly animate different properties of such objects as sprites, models, cameras, etc. In case you need to add extra functionality you can use the Plug-in architecture to write your own plugin. Read more

Deep Linking in Shockwave

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This article treats an exemplary implementation of deep-linking in Director. In the following example we will use the unFocus History Keeper library, and especially the script called unFocus-History-p.js. This script will manage the browser history entries. The communication between the shockwave movie and the java script will be supplied by Valentin's Director / JavaScript Integration Kit. Read more

Extended Object

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Some peculiarities of the inheritance in Lingo have always seemed to me to be limiting factors. By the standard means we are not able to know (for sure) if a given object implements a specific handler. Also, we do not know (for sure) if a given object has a specific property. We can not find out what is the object type, nor we can inherit in an easy and flexible way a number of parents. Let me show you the following example... Read more

Score Commander

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Some years ago, I worked on a project, in which Director was used in a specific way – whole animation scenes were fitted and after that the .dir files were used for Bink video files. So, we had to work with big scores – 50 channels, 300-400 frames. This provoked a lot of tasks which demanded automation. ScoreCommander is... Read more